Tip # 1: Inspect your Gear:

Before you come to the Snowbasin Ski Sale and Swap, inspect all of your gear to make sure everything is in working order. Check your bindings, boot buckles or any parts that could possibly brake or crack so that you’re not coming to the swap with broken items that we won’t accept.

Tip # 2: Research your Gear:

Knowing the make and model of your gear is helpful in accessing the value of it. Check to see how old your gear is to make sure the technology is not too out-of-date. Find out the performance level – are your skis for beginners or advanced skiers?

Tip # 3: Clean or Tune your Gear

You probably wouldn’t buy a car that was filthy or needed a lot of work done to it, and the same applies to your ski equipment. Skis and boards that have visible base damage of any kind will require a service and repair to get back up to speed. Boots that are worn out and dirty are not inviting for customers to put their feet in. Getting your skis or snowboard tuned before entering it into a Swap is also key for getting the most for your item.

Tip # 4: Get In Early

Snowbasin Ski Sale and Swap will start accepting gear for the Swap on the first day of the sale. Each sale will usually run for 2 or 3 days so getting in early is key for maximum exposure. Try to drop off your gear on the first day of the sale, ideally between 10am and 8pm on Friday.

Tip # 5: The Price is the best part

Knowing where to price your item(s) can be the critical difference of receiving your payday or picking up your unsold item(s) at the end of the sale. Like cars, the value of used skis can depreciate very quickly, so keep your expectations low and don’t try to get back what you paid for them. For the best results, just ask our Staff at the Swap and we will steer you in the right direction.

What items do we accept at the Swap? We accept skis, ski boots, snowboards, snowboard boots & bindings, cross-country ski gear and snowshoes. We also accept outerwear that has been gently used and is clean and for the purpose of winter sports use. Snowbasin Ski Team Staff will make the final decision on allowing your item(s) into the sale based on condition and age.